Monday, March 22, 2010


....I'm way excited about this.... 
BOOTCAMP will be Saturdays in April! (Thanks for the great idea girls!)

Here's how it will work:
Bootcamp Dates: Sat April 3, 10, 17
Time: 9-11 am (most likely)
Cost: $25 if you pre-register OR $30 to register late
(normally the sessions are only 1 hour and cost $5. This time I'm discounting the session and making it twice as long.)
How to register: e mail me, your name and phone #, and I'll send you the registration form. Get your registration to me by March 29th and its $25. After the 29th registration is $30.
More info and details about what bootcamp is, click HERE
fyi. The dates for Bootcamp are final. Plan on attending each session. There is no refund or make-ups for missed sessions. 
I'm limiting the number of bootcampers at 10-15 people. If you're interested, e mail ASAP to reserve your spot!


Linda Weller said...

Wow...Good for you Little Mama! Sounds like Life is going Wonderful! It's so Great to hear that you have gotten right back into the saddle(that's my up bring talkin') it's Good to hear your back doing what you Love! What a Great "Out-let" too. You always did and still do...have tons of energy! You Keep it up! So sorry we didn't have a chance to connect or see eachother this past visit... :( Next Time huh? Life has been pretty crazy here the past 3 months...hopefully we will get some answers soon with C.C. and...(with all my health issues)"Crazy stuff" Keep in touch...see if Myla wants to GYPE!!! after she naps and EATS of course! :)
Love Ya! Give the little Angels Hugs and Kisses from G-Ma Linda X.O.X.O.
Love You Much...
Mama Goose

Linda Weller said...

Hey...If I lived in Cedar I would totally be in your "BOOT CAMP"...
I couldn't "EVEN" keep up with you!
I'm shooting for May (most likely near the end of the month) to get it all BACK TOGETHER! Wish me Luck! :) In the mean time "You go Girl!" X.O.
Mumm Weller