Friday, January 16, 2009

...Aerobics Guide...
What class is for you?


Step is 45 minutes of basic step combinations. Great cardio workout! We also use weights for sculpting and toning. Moderate intensity.


Abs Lab is a favorite! Which is why its offered 3 times a week! This quick 30 minute workout is all abs! Perfect for toning and tightening you core. Moderate to high intensity.

Hip Hop

Hip hop and striptease are 2 different classes alternating every other week. They are similar...But Hip hop is more popping to funky hip hop music.
Striptease is like dancing with your girlfriends in high school with a lot of hips and shimmys. Both are fun and a good cardio workout. Moderate intensity and easy to follow choreography. No dance experience is needed.


The mother of all workouts! This one is tough... But worth it! Athletic training and jump drills designed to make you jump higher, run faster and increase overall fitness. This workout is tough for everyone! From professional athletes to 'The Biggest Loser' contestants. They see results, so can you! 4 30 second drills followed by 30 seconds of rest... HIGH intensity! Big Results!

Everyone has a great time in kickbox. I've been teaching this one for years and its always fun. Simple combinations of jabs, cross, upper cuts, hooks and kicks. Great cardio and sculpting. Moderate intensity.
Body Pump

Body pump is a great lifting class that targets all major muscle groups. Its a fast paced, intense workout that will definitely give you results. High intensity.

FULL Schedule below! All classes are in the PE Building, 3rd floor, room 303.
Classes usually have 15-40 people. Male and female, young and old.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


5:15-6 Step
6-6:30 Abs Lab
4:15-5 Hip Hop/Striptease
5-5:30 Abs Lab
5:30-6:30 Plyometrics
4-5 Kickbox
5-6 Body Pump
6-6:30 Abs Lab
*Tenative Schedule for my classes, Spring '09.
Classes start TUESDAY Jan 20th

Monday, January 5, 2009

Spring Semester

Hey everyone! Thanks for your input. As soon as we figure out the schedule I will post it!! FYI. I wont start teaching until January 19th. (I'm going to be in CANCUN!!)
Hopefully the schedule will be posted by the 14th. Just check back! And have a great start to the new semester!