Thursday, February 16, 2012

New classes at SUU

Here is the link for the new instructors blog:
Click there to see the new schedule.

I will miss all of you!! So sad to leave. :(
Best wishes and stay healthy!! Keep working out with Chelsea. She's awesome.

When I get a new job in SL valley or Utah valley I will post the info here. So many of you are from northern Utah and have said you want to keep working out with me. :) Makes me happy! Hope to see some of you again soon.

And I still have a few DVDs left. If you're wishing you would've gotten one e mail me! Its not too late. I can send it in the mail. :) taylormadefitness@gmail

Take care!
Love, Andrea

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 Week Notice:

I am SO SAD to say that I am moving to northern Utah. Well, I'm excited for the move but SAD to leave my awesome job and all the students I LOVE
My last day teaching for SUU is 
Thursday February 16th.
Please keep coming until my last day! :)
(if you're wondering, a new instructor will be replacing me)

And if you love me like I love you, leave comments on the blog (link below) saying whatever you want! What you liked/didn't like. What you think of me as an instructor, etc. 
I want some great testimonials and references!!  I'm hoping to get an awesome job up in Utah or SL County. 
AND... get your DVD before I'm gone. I have a bunch I want to sell before I move. 
$10 for Abs dvd. 
$15 for Kickbox or Body Pump.
 Email if you want one!! taylormadefitness@gmail