Tuesday, March 31, 2009


All of you (40+ people) who voted that you 'WANT and NEED' a DVD, if the 'price is right'... Place your orders now!!! Click HERE to make an order. I made this DVD for you. Place your order now and get FREE shipping and handling!
(Orders must be completed by April 8th for free S&H)
ThAnKs EvErYoNe!!

ps. Last day of Aerobics for Spring '09 is APRIL 23rd.
Check this blog during the summer months for an update on the Fall '09 schedule. If you have Q's, comments, or need to get a hold of me this summer.... This is where you'll find me! Have a great summer... See you in September.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taylor Made Fitness DVDs!!

A series of 3 Taylor Made Fitness DVDs are being produced right now! You can customize a DVD that will meet your specific needs and wants! Here are the different workout options:
Kickboxing (All of Andrea's best moves put into one intense workout)
Abs (All Abs, 30 minutes! Quick way to tone the trouble spots)
Lifting/Cardio (A traditional resistance and cardio workout -with Andrea's notorious intensity, using elastic 'body bands' Great for fat burning!!)

You can order one or two workouts on one DVD. Here are the choices and prices:
-"Cardio Kickbox" for $15 +S&H
-"Body Band Pump" for $15 +S&H
-"Cardio Kickbox with Core Fusion: The 30 minute Abs Lab" for $20 +S&H
-"Body Band Pump with Core Fusion: The 30 minute Abs Lab" for $20 +S&H

Body Band Pump also comes with an additional (FREE) instructional video which covers the use of an elastic body band, gives tips and tricks, shows you a variety of workouts the body band can be used for and goes over ideas to keep your workouts intense!! (Its like having another workout option on your DVD)

Shipping and Handling from SLC.
All orders received before April 8th get FREE Shipping and Handling!!!

To order a DVD from Taylor Made Fitness:
e-mail taylormadefitness@gmail.com
You can also click on photo in the top right corner of this page to be linked to 'Taylor Made Fitness'. There you will find more info about the DVD workouts.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay everyone! I think I'm going to go ahead and do the fitness DVD! It will be fun!! And I think a lot of you are interested in still working out with me after you've moved on from SUU Aerobics! :)
I WANT input pleeeeeeeeeeease! Take the poll and let me know how much is too much?... What's the right price? How much are you willing to pay? I want to provide a great DVD at an affordable price.
I've been given the option to record a few workouts. They can both be purchased on one DVD. Or you could buy just one workout on one DVD. Which sounds better?
ALSO... What workout(s) would you be most interested in having on DVD? Kickbox... ABS... Buns and thighs.... weights/cardio.... Plyometrics... You tell me!!! (Thank you for your input!!)
DVDs will be available in April.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Alright you Bootcampers!!
Its time for ANOTHER bootcamp!!
Dates: APRIL 6-11th
Pre-Register before March 30th ($25)
Or register March 30-April 5th for $30.
All the details about Bootcamp are below. Any questions e mail andapanda5@hotmail.com
And REMEMBER: This is for ANYONE! Not just students... Post-pregnant women, mothers, friends, guys and girls! Anyone is welcome for this intense week of working out!

To register, send your name & phone # to andapanda5@hotmail.com
Limited to the first 5-10 people. Sign up quick.

Monday, March 9, 2009

...!!!eXCiTinG NeWs!!!...

I've got some really exciting news! A production Co in SLC wants to make a Fitness DVD (Or DVD Series) with me! Before I say yes... I want to see if any of you would really be interested in having a DVD... So I can kick your butt any time! (At home... and after you graduate!)
I'll only do it if I know people are interested and it'll be worth my time!
Please let me know what you think! Take the poll on the side of the page, or leave me a comment.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


FoR: Anyone and Everyone!
HoW mUcH: $25 if you pre-register or $30 registration

WhAT iS It?
5 days of intense personal training. Each session lasts 1-1.5 hours. The Bootcamp will have 5-10 people. First come, first served. Register early to get discounted price. Bootcamp will take place at the PE building and on campus. Anyone is welcome!! Times are subject to participants availability. I will make the sessions at the best time for those participating. (Most likely 8 pm weeknights)
You will get a little bit of everything: Core, stability, flexibility, cardio, conditioning, strength training and resistance.

WhY I'm dOiNg iT: The last Bootcamp I did at SUU was a lot of fun. I love more personal and personalized workouts. I've had a lot of people asking me when the next Bootcamp would be.... So here we are!

WhY yOu ShOuLd Do IT: 6 days of intense workouts tailored to you and your needs. This is a great opportunity to jump start getting into shape. You can let me know what you want to get out of your workouts... and I will be there to push you farther than you think you can go! If you're not sure what your wants or needs are- No worries! Im ready to get you working and will make sure we target every aspect of fitness as well as target every area of the body! By doing the Bootcamp you can also get an idea of what workouts are best for you. By incorporating fitness, health and wellness into your life you can get in shape, stay in shape and feel great!

Hey... No free aerobics classes during the week of March 16-21... Spring Break! (sad!)
I will be in town if you are interested in personal training or group fitness. Group fitness $3 per person and a minimum of 5, maximum of 15 people participating You organize the group and let me know what time! I'll supply equipment and an intense workout!

Personal Training, one-on-one at your convenience! I'll supply the equipment!
Just $15 per session.

Contact me for more info:
Andrea @ andapanda5@hotmail.com