Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taylor Made Fitness DVDs!!

A series of 3 Taylor Made Fitness DVDs are being produced right now! You can customize a DVD that will meet your specific needs and wants! Here are the different workout options:
Kickboxing (All of Andrea's best moves put into one intense workout)
Abs (All Abs, 30 minutes! Quick way to tone the trouble spots)
Lifting/Cardio (A traditional resistance and cardio workout -with Andrea's notorious intensity, using elastic 'body bands' Great for fat burning!!)

You can order one or two workouts on one DVD. Here are the choices and prices:
-"Cardio Kickbox" for $15 +S&H
-"Body Band Pump" for $15 +S&H
-"Cardio Kickbox with Core Fusion: The 30 minute Abs Lab" for $20 +S&H
-"Body Band Pump with Core Fusion: The 30 minute Abs Lab" for $20 +S&H

Body Band Pump also comes with an additional (FREE) instructional video which covers the use of an elastic body band, gives tips and tricks, shows you a variety of workouts the body band can be used for and goes over ideas to keep your workouts intense!! (Its like having another workout option on your DVD)

Shipping and Handling from SLC.
All orders received before April 8th get FREE Shipping and Handling!!!

To order a DVD from Taylor Made Fitness:
You can also click on photo in the top right corner of this page to be linked to 'Taylor Made Fitness'. There you will find more info about the DVD workouts.

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Alyssa August said...

Andrea! Christen and I are so excited for classes to start... it's almost creepy. But you should have your classes after 5, a lot of students have late classes. I heart aerobics!