Monday, March 9, 2009

...!!!eXCiTinG NeWs!!!...

I've got some really exciting news! A production Co in SLC wants to make a Fitness DVD (Or DVD Series) with me! Before I say yes... I want to see if any of you would really be interested in having a DVD... So I can kick your butt any time! (At home... and after you graduate!)
I'll only do it if I know people are interested and it'll be worth my time!
Please let me know what you think! Take the poll on the side of the page, or leave me a comment.

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Ty and Whitty said...

You would be awesome on a DVD. I really love coming to your classes but I have work so I'm not able to come as much as I would like plus I am moving from Cedar City at the end of the summer. I love working out in a gym running and weights but your classes are different from the normal routine and I feel like that is helping me see results. Your workouts are great and I would love to continue them. So My vote is totally YES