Wednesday, November 12, 2008


WhEn: December 1st-6th
FoR: Anyone and Everyone!
HoW mUcH: $25 if you pre-register (before the 25th) or $30 registration (Nov 25th-30th).

WhAT iS It?
6 days of intense personal training. Each session lasts 1-1.5 hours. The Bootcamp will have 5-25 people. First come, first served. Register early to get discounted price. Bootcamp will take place at the PE building and on campus. Anyone is welcome!! Times are subject to participants availability. I will make the sessions at the best time for those participating. (Between 7am and 4pm OR after 8pm) Once you register you can vote on what time you want the sessions.
You will get a little bit of everything: Core, stability, flexibility, cardio, conditioning, strength training and resistance.

WhY? I've had so many of you asking if I do anything like this... I have in the past... so why not now!? I love teaching at SUU and I am really exited for this BOOTCAMP!!

To register:
e-mail your Name, Phone # and availability to

Any other Questions.... Leave me a comment!

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