Saturday, November 29, 2008


Cant believe its December and the Semester is ending!
December Schedule:
  • Dec 1-4th... Regular classes Mon-Thurs
  • Dec 1-6th... Bootcamp Mon-Sat (Not too late to join in!)
  • Dec 8-11th... (Finals Week) Regular classes Mon-Thurs
  • Dec 15-18th.... I am available and would LOVE to have some classes! I just need to know if people can come! ??

..:SpRiNg SeMeStER:..

Check the blog for the Spring Schedule! It will also be posted on the Intramurals Board (PE Bldg, 1st floor) And give me some input! I want to make my classes at times that will work for you! As long as the room is available... Im flexible! So what works for your crazy schedules? Leave me a comment!

What classes do you love? Should I teach more of one class and less of another?

Would anyone be interested in morning classes? 9am? 10am?

Let me know!!!


danger dane said...

I heard something about hip-hop aerobics...does such a class exist? If so, when does it take place?

Tami Crosby said...

I was just looking at my school schedule and figured out if the schedule stays the same I could only go to one class! SO if some of the classes started a little later that would be great!