Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1000 Rep Workout!

If you missed class last night... I think you missed one of the hardest workouts I've done. I'm including it here on the blog so you can do it at home during Christmas break! No equipment required! Get a friend or family member to join you for the workout!!! 
TIME YOURSELF and comment about how long it took you! Should be interesting to see how fast everyone can go!
I didn't time us in class last night (dang it!) I think it was close to 40 min.

Do 10 reps per workout. Finish the list of all 10 exercises then repeat the list TEN TIMES!! By the end (no breaks, no stopping) you'll have done 1000 reps!

Here's the workout: 
10 Burpees (plank, get into a ball, stand up, jump, drop back down to a plank)
10 Squat Jumps
10 Push Ups
10 Toe Touch Sit Ups
10 Tricept Dips 
10 Tuck Jumps (knees to your chest)
10 Plank Jax
10 Split Lunges (standing mt climbers)
10 Leg Drops (on your back, straight legs up to the ceiling, drop to floor then back up)
10 Squat Thrusts (bottom half of a burpee)

Happy Holidays and good luck working out on your own until class starts in January! 
Keep checking back for updates on the new Spring Schedule!!
Merry Christmas!!!

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