Saturday, June 26, 2010

FALL Fitness Bootcamp!

Hey guys... hope your summer is going great! (Mine is!) Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some changes coming Fall '10.
I'm doing a semester-long Fitness Bootcamp! ...and I'm really excited about it!!
Here's how it works:
At the beginning of the semester (or this summer) you buy a punch pass for 5, 10 or 15 bootcamp sessions. Throughout the semester I'll offer sessions and you can pick and choose when to attend, so it fits your schedule! I'll offer a total of 18-20 sessions on various days of the week, at various times. Since I'll offer more sessions than you have punches for, you wont have to worry about missing a few sessions! The Bootcamp calendar will be given to you along with your punch pass.
Punch passes are non-refundable and non-transferable and expire at the end of the semester. Basically, only you can use it, you only have fall semester to use all your punches, and its use them or loose them. I think using them should be simple with the varied session format. You should have no problem!
Whats it cost!?
5 punch pass: $30
10 punch pass: $50
15 punch pass: $70

What will the calendar look like?
Bootcamp will be offered TUESDAY 8-9pm
Bootcamp will also be offered Saturday mornings in 1 hr and 2 hr sessions. (1 punch per hour)
Additional Bootcamp sessions will be offered throughout the week, during the evening. Times subject to your availablity. I'm flexible and want to be there when you need me... I'll offer several weekday sessions that work best for those participating!

What is Bootcamp?
You know how much you love my classes. You'll love bootcamp too! Its more personal... more one on one... and so much more variety! We'll do everything from running, swimming, jump drills, hills, athletic training, weight training and kickbox, resistance, cardiovascular weightloss, endurance and flexibility. It'll be intense! And it'll be fun! I'll also be available for questions on diet, weightloss, toning and weight management. Its personal training in a small group setting!
Other trainers and gyms in Cedar City offer Bootcamps and personal training from $8 per half hour-$50/hr. You wont find a better, more flexible offer.
Spaces are limited. I dont want our Bootcamp sessions to be crazy and over-filled (like my free classes are!) I'm limiting the number of participants so if you're interested... sign up fast!
If you have any questions, feel free to e mail me!
If you're ready to reserve your spot and buy your semester-long Fitness Bootcamp Punch Pass... send me an e mail with your name and phone #

Thanks guys!! Have a wonderful summer... looking forward to seeing you this fall!
BTW... in case you're wondering. I am still teaching FREE classes too. Schedule will be out after Fall semester starts.


anna said...

are you going to be doing a zumba class this fall?

Andrea said...

Im not certified in Zumba!
Its a WAY fun class... I've taken it before. But its a VERY expensive certification and I dont have it! I think Golds Gym may offer it though... ? Sorry I cant help!