Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm ready to start teaching... I'll just have to take it easy. But that doesn't mean I it'll be easy for you. Even though I cant workout at 100% doesn't mean I cant tell you guys what to do! :)
I'm just waiting on my boss to give me the aerobic room's availability. I e mailed him a few days ago. As soon as I hear back from him I'll post a schedule... and start teaching ASAP.
I'm thinking of teaching Monday around 4 pm and Tuesday around 8 pm.
As for the starting date... I'm ready to get going next week, but will have to wait until I hear back from my boss.
I've missed teaching and am excited to start classes.
Hopefully you guys will be ready to start too... I'm surprised I haven't heard much from anyone. Only a few people have asked me about this semester. (Hmmm?) So I'm hoping people are still interested in my classes!
Sorry for the delay... hopefully I'll hear from him SOON.
Keep checking the blog for the final schedule and official start date!


Susie and Cody said...

Maybe everyone's just been quietly checking the blog waiting for you to post a schedule :) It's good to hear that you're ready to start!

amandarunge said...

Please do a plyometrics class this semester, if possible! I miss it!!!