Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NEW SCHEDULE for fall '09

Starting Tuesday Sept 8th

Monday 5-5:50 Step
6-6:30 Abs Lab
Tuesday 5-5:50 Kickbox
6-6:30 Abs Lab
Wednesday 4-5 Body Pump

...What to expect...

You'll never come to the same class twice since each class is unique. Nothing is choreographed and although we do similar stretches, warm ups and cool downs, the actual work out varies from class to class. Your body will never get used to doing the same routine by coming to my classes on a regular basis. I promise it'll always be as tough as the first time you came! :)

Step: My step class is pretty traditional with basic step combinations. Moderate to high impact. We do about 30 minutes of cardio, then end the class with strength training/resistance.
Kick Box: This is a pretty intense class... but its also fun! We combine traditional moves, jab, cross, upper-cut, hook, blocks, knees and kicks. Moderate to high intensity. Great cardio workout... with some resistance for definition and toning.
Abs Lab: My abs class is only 30 minutes. It goes by really quick... and you get a great workout. Its all abs! Plus, I usually add in some back... since you need a strong back to have strong abs! Some classes will have short bursts of cardio to rev up your metabolism.
Body Pump: One of my favorites!! I love this class. Its a whole body workout and very intense. You get a little bit of everything... lots of variety... and way fun! Intervals of high intensity cardio with resistance weight training. You'll be out of breath and your body will feel weak from head to toe. An awesome work out!

Make sure you bring your SUU ID cards! See you soon!!!

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The Jeffery Family said...

Hey Andrea! As you know I graduated but if your classes are not too full can I pop in?
let me know!
McKenna Jeffery