Thursday, August 27, 2009

FALL '09

Alright all you fitness junkies... You know I've been missing you and cant wait to get started. I'm still working on getting an exact schedule. BUT I do know classes will start after Labor Day, Sept 7th.
So plan on being there Tuesday Sept 8th.
Thanks for your input. To answer some questions:
All classes are between 4-8pm.
Classes are for Students only. Bootcamps are OPEN to anyone and everyone.
We will definitely have ABS and Kickbox! And probably a lifting/cardio class. The final one will be Plyometrics or Step. Which one?
Okay... As soon as I know the days and times it'll be posted here!
Fliers will be in the PE building by the end of next week as well.
I'll see all of you skinny people soon!!


AmBert26 said...

Please do step! :)

kenz104 said...

Hi I am a new student at SUU! I have been trying to find workout classes here. I looove powerpump. How do I sign up for your classes? How often do you do them? Hope to see you soon!


annie said...

Definitely want plyometrics! I love them! =]

Andrea said...

McKenzie... I cant access your blog since its private.
If you have more questions for me, send me an e mail.
Otherwise, to answer your questions:
You dont have to sign up... just come! My classes are FREE to students. In the PE bldg Rm 303. I'm teaching 3 days a week this fall, a few classes per day. When I know the schedule it'll be posted!

Alyssa August said...

What! I want you to know that my roommates freaked out when you pushed back the date... You are killing us Andrea!

Christen said...

I LOOOVED your step class! PLEASE do another!