Monday, August 13, 2012


Hi everyone! For those who wanted to know when I would start teaching in northern Utah…. the time is now! 
I'm doing a fall fitness bootcamp in Lehi, Utah at Eagle Summit Park

Probable times for Bootcamp are: MWF 8 or 9pm T/Th 6am (I'll know for sure once bootcamp participants vote on days/times)

Start Date: Sept 4
Last day of bootcamp: Sept 26

17 sessions to choose from 9/4-9/26 (M-F) that will best fit your schedule. You can purchase a punch pass for 5, 10 or 15 sessions. 

Register by August 31st for the best prices. 
Men and women welcome to participate. No kids please. This bootcamp is small group fitness, concentrated and personalized. I am also available for personal training at my home gym in Lehi for $20 per session.

Please email me if interested in signing up for Bootcamp!!!

Bootcamp is intense personal training in a small group setting. Each session lasts 45min-1 hour. Bootcamp will have 5-10 people. First come, first served. Register early to get discounted price. Bootcamp will take place outdoors in a variety of locations, weather permitting, or in Andrea’s home. Anyone is welcome!! Times are subject to participants availability. I will make the sessions at the best time for those participating. 
You will get a little bit of everything: Core, stability, flexibility, cardio, conditioning, strength training and resistance.
Also included is a personalized bootcamp guide detailing: nutrition fundamentals, healthy diet in combination with exercise, workout plan, and a fitness journal
Why you should do it
Intense workouts tailored to you and your needs. This is a great opportunity to jump start getting into shape. You can let me know what you want to get out of your workouts... and I will be there to push you farther than you think you can go! If you're not sure what your wants or needs are- No worries! Im ready to get you working and will make sure we target every aspect of fitness as well as target every area of the body! By doing the Bootcamp you can also get an idea of what workouts are best for you. By incorporating fitness, health and wellness into your life you can get in shape, stay in shape and feel great!
Bootcamp Punch passes are available at 5, 10 and 15 sessions. Prices listed are early registration prices. Add $15 if registering after August 1st.
5 sessions......... $60
10 sessions....... $100
15 sessions....... $120
Personal Training, one-on-one at your convenience! I'll supply the equipment! Just $20 per session.

For more info contact Andrea:

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