Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 Week Notice:

I am SO SAD to say that I am moving to northern Utah. Well, I'm excited for the move but SAD to leave my awesome job and all the students I LOVE
My last day teaching for SUU is 
Thursday February 16th.
Please keep coming until my last day! :)
(if you're wondering, a new instructor will be replacing me)

And if you love me like I love you, leave comments on the blog (link below) saying whatever you want! What you liked/didn't like. What you think of me as an instructor, etc. 
I want some great testimonials and references!!  I'm hoping to get an awesome job up in Utah or SL County. 
AND... get your DVD before I'm gone. I have a bunch I want to sell before I move. 
$10 for Abs dvd. 
$15 for Kickbox or Body Pump.
 Email if you want one!! taylormadefitness@gmail


lennyxjade said...

I can't not leave a comment here before you are gone. I LOVE these classes. They have made me stronger and all together better well-rounded in my fitness. I love the variety of workouts that we do every day. It is always different. I also love the push! You tell us to go faster and push harder and then let us know we are doing a good job! Not exaggerating, these classes, aside from the SUU French program, are the reason I am here this semester! They make me want to do better everyday. Thank you Andrea!

Sagan Shumway said...

This teacher is the best, no kidding. I've been to tons of different classes of all different kinds all over the state and I have, by far, loved Andrea's classes the best! They are ALWAYS hard and ALWAYS different. However, they're also extremely fun. I never dread going to her class like I have dreaded going to some others and going to her classes has gotten me in the best, most well-rounded, shape of my life. This girl should be getting begged by every gym in the state to work there because she's just that good. I will miss her classes and her fun personality. Like I said, this girl is the best and she knows her stuff! Thanks a ton Andrea, you have made life so much better at SUU and you will be missed!

Schmiclt said...

I absolutely love these classes and Andrea as a teacher. I first started attending Andrea's classes as a freshmen and was instantly hooked. As a senior I am sad to see Andrea go, but the impact she's made on my health and fitness in four years is remarkable. I used to hate working out but with Andrea it became fun and challenging. She was able to get more out of me then what I thought I was capable of. Every class is difficult and every class is unique so your always being challenged and never hit a plateu. I will certaintly miss these classes and Andrea's great personality. She's both motivating and encouraging and will be a great instructor wherever she goes.