Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FALL Line-up

Hey everyone! Hope summer is treating you well. I am having a wonderful (tan) time in sunny San Antonio TX.
I've been doing a lot of research, taking classes, teaching, and reading so I can be an even better instructor for ya'll! (I am in Texas. I had to say it)
Anyway, I am wanting to change things up a bit this fall.
I'm going to try and teach a few MORNING classes!! What do you think?
It will be WORTH getting up for!

  • You burn up to 300% more calories in the morning than at any other time of day.
  •  You burn more fat when you do cardio in a fasting state (first thing in the morning)
  • You continue to burn more fat after your workout with techniques in the classes Ill be teaching in the morning.  

I'm thinking 2 days a week 8:15-8:35am. 20 minute CARDIO classes to get your metabolism revved up for the day. Doing too much cardio can be counter-productive. (Too long and too often=bad) These workouts will be short and intense, just a few days per week and done in perfect intervals so you'll never acclimate. It'll always keep your body burning stored fat.

I am also thinking of doing a few of evening classes 2x/week. I posted a poll on the blog. Please VOTE. Let me know what your opinion is. I really take your input into consideration when I make the schedule! Any other comments or questions, please e mail me!

**CLASSES (probably) START SEPT 6TH**

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