Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey everyone, get signed up now for Spring Bootcamp. (Starting January 2011) Gotta get that back in shape after the holidays! This is the BEST way to do it.
Bootcamp will be Mondays 530-630! Perfect time... some sessions will last 2 hours and we'll add in some Saturday sessions as well.
Buy a punch pass for 5, 10, or 15 punches to be used throughout the semester at you're convenience.
I'm only allowing a limited number of people to attend Bootcamp, get signed up now to reserve your spot!
Punch Pass Prices
$30......5 punches
$50......10 punches
$75......15 punches

Bootcamp is PERSONAL TRAINING, tailored to you. Intense, fun workouts that will help you see results! You cannot get a better price for personal training! The typical cost for personal training is $15-$50+ per 30 MINUTES. My Bootcamp sessions are 60 minutes each and start at just $4.  I have access to a huge variety or equipment and I'm experienced in a variety of workout styles, techniques and philosophies.
I'm AFFA Certified in Primary Group Exercise (6 years) and have been doing Bootcamps for 4 years.
In addition to my free classes I teach here at SUU, Bootcamp is something you need to do! My free classes are fun... and who can beat a free class? But its easy to decide not to come. You dont have any commitments to doing it. You're not paying for the class... and you're not getting school credit for coming. Its easy to loose motivation as the semester gets busier.
Attending Bootcamp will create a commitment. You've paid to be there. You're workout becomes something you value. And there are people expecting you. Its always easier to workout when you have a friend doing it with you... expecting you to be there. I promise you'll get more out of your workout if you do Bootcamp!! There are lots of reasons to do it... so get signed up!
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