Thursday, November 12, 2009

FALL classes OVER

Sad to say... but there will be no more classes for the rest of the year.
I had a very close call... my little baby almost came 8 weeks early. I'm fine and so it he, but I'm ordered to be on strict bed-rest until he does come. (Which could be in the next 2 weeks!! Crazy!)

So.... have a great rest of the semester!... If you want to order a DVD e mail me! Orders must be made by November 25th and will arrive November 30th.
ReMeMbEr!!! All the work you've put in this semester... all the effort, weight and inches lost.... will be GONE if you go 2 weeks without working out. So keep up the hard work! Dont let the busy holiday season ruin all the work you've put in for the past 2 1/2 months!! Commit to yourself or a workout buddy that you're going to continue working out. And if you loved all the free classes you got to come to this semester, make a $10-$20 investment and get a DVD. That way you'll still be able to come to my classes while I'm not teaching for the next 2 months. (and forever!)

Pass on the word that classes are over for Fall semester. And keep checking the blog (mid-late January) to see the new schedule.

Wish me luck... I'll need it! :)


Kyndall said...

I hope you feel better Andrea! Im sorry about your scary incident, it scared me too! You better keep that little guy in for as long as you can!!!

*Sasha* said...

me and some friends would love classes on belly dancing or pole dancing or stuff like that :)