Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ID Cards!

Alright everyone! You have got to start bringing your SUU Student ID card to every class. I've welcomed anyone to join us as long as there is room and enough equipment. Well- there is no longer room!! Which is a good and bad thing! I'm so happy to have so much support. But I just don't have room for these HUGE classes. (Some times up to 60 PEOPLE. I cannot believe that many bodies fit into my aerobics room!)
Starting next week (March 2, 2009) Anyone who doesn't have a current SUU ID will not be able to come in. (Unless there is extra equipment!) ....So even if you're a student, without your ID card, you cant come in if we're full.
I'm also working on teaching a 'non-student' class... with a small fee ($1-$2) or a punch pass. I will let you know when or if that happens. It may not be until Fall '09.
For now- BRING YOUR ID CARDS... Every time!! :)
Thanks guys!

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